Yoga is medicine for the modern condition.

Currently, many of us are disheartened by the troubles of the world, and people everywhere are experiencing epidemic levels of stress, anxiety, depression and addiction. The ancient, time-tested practices of yoga offer us a way out of suffering — empowering the practitioner with simple but powerful tools that help them take control of their mental and physical health, restore a sense of purpose and meaning, and live a more fulfilling, soulful and artful life.


Brian James is a yoga teacher, integrative coach, artist and musician. For over twenty years he’s been exploring the medicine paths of yoga, music, psychology and shamanism.

His approach is rooted in the belief that yoga is not about striving toward a physical or spiritual ideal, but rather, that it’s a deeply personal process of embodied awakening to one’s own truth and potential. His mission is to make real yoga accessible to everyone and to guide others in developing a life-supporting and life-enriching personal yoga practice. 

Brian is the author of a vinyasa yoga practice manual, Harmonic Movement, creator of numerous yoga practice resources and host of the Medicine Path Podcast. When he’s not out sharing yoga and music medicine, he’s at home in Montréal, Canada practicing the yoga of relationship with his wife of eleven years Debbie and their Boston Terrier Kingston.

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The art of yoga is in adapting these ancient tools to our modern lives, to help us live with more health, intimacy, compassion and care — personally and collectively.

My practice and teaching is greatly inspired by TKV Desikachar and his father Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, who asserted that yoga is for everybody. Desikachar expanded on the teachings of his father by innovating an adaptable approach (viniyoga) that is deeply rooted in tradition but accessible and relevant to modern yogis who have family and work responsibilities. When we adapt the practice to your needs and goals, it becomes safe, effective and enjoyable.

Over the past decade, I’ve immersed myself in this lineage, spending hundreds of hours with senior teachers Mark Whitwell, Srivatsa Ramaswami and others, and have integrated those teachings through thousands of hours of personal practice and helping others develop their own life-enriching home practice.



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